Investment Services for private and institutional clients

ICM strategic collaboration with a selected list of investment management teams carrying multi-year proven track-record, as well as with leading financial groups in Switzerland and Germany, provide access to a shortlist of high quality investment products, services, ideas and opportunities, which are backed by efficient and investor-friendly custodian services.

Indicative investment services and related financial products initiated by ICM:

Investment Services Off-the-self investment solutions for Private Clients (single mutual funds, fund of funds, from an extensive list of leading, asset management groups)
Selected Investment Portfolio Strategies for Private Clients (portfolio management)
Alternative Investment Asset Classes and Strategies for Private and Institutional Clients (real estate single assets and real estate funds, currency and commodity strategies, specialized investment tools, etc)
Initiation of Innovative and track-proven Asset Management teams for Institutional Clients and in particular for Insurance groups and Pension Funds
Fund of funds Structuring, operation, marketing and co-management for Private and Institutional Clients