Swiss Engineering ...

Our business and investment services are provided in a genuine Swiss “engineering” process, from analysis and design to implementation and delivery. Innovation, Discretion, Precision, Performance, being our operating cornerstones.

ICM operations and head-office are located in the financial and business “heart” of Europe, a country which settles for nothing less than simply “the best” in business aspects and procedures.

Quick Facts about Switzerland:

Protection of property, protection from expropriation, no government “threats”.
Protection of privacy, banking secrecy.
“Swiss made” approach in holistic, national and international terms: reliability, constancy, performance, sense of duty, honesty, predictability and efficiency.
Above-average financial strength, convincing risk management, liquidity, refinancing and compliance.
Textbook customer service orientation, where service is seen as a tradition: Multilingualism, friendliness and international relations.
... with proper understanding and “feel” of local markets and international clients

Our Swiss “engineering” business process, is matched with an undisputable local understanding and “feel” of the individual requirements and needs of each one of our valuable international clients.

We invest in time resources and partnerships in every single market of presence, in order to safeguard for our services this unique blend of “Think Swiss, Act Local”.